The origin of the Jack Russell Terrier Italia is found in its founder, Mirko Tomasetto, who, in 2012, after making the decision to buy a Jack Russell puppy, attempted to collect as much information as possible to manage and raise his little friend. In doing so, he noticed that there was little information on the web and much of what was available was fragmented and contradictory.

Strongly motivated and determined, he decided to look for breeders and professionals specializing in the breed, to collect the most reliable information and to create a specific page on the most popular social network in use: Facebook.

In a few months, the number of subscriptions to this page increased dramatically, making it clear that in Italy, there was a strong need for owners to enrich their knowledge and be able to compare their experiences by owning a Jack Russell Terrier.

The idea of forming an association was born later - more precisely in April 2015 - in the lake town of Torri del Benaco Verona, thanks to a chance meeting with a member of the Fan Page, Pessina Marco, who posted a memory of his little Simil Jack Russell named Pippo, but was forced to euthanize him due to Pippo contracting a severe illness, according to the veterinary doctors interviewed.

Mirko Tomasetto and his wife, Dr. Ramona Cusma, decided to donate one of their puppies to Marco, who discovered fifteen years of experience and militancy in the National Directive of one of the major organizations of Environmental Protection and Animal Protection in the National Association and specialized in the organization of the association structure in marketing and the creation and management of Guards for the surveillance of the Zoofila and eEnvironmental surveillance.

Since then, Mirko Tomasetto, Dr. Ramona Cusma, Pessina Marco and many other collaborators led to the rapid development and accreditation that JrtItalia now has.

In that year, the Fan page gathered 18,000 users despite the  rise in similar pages created later by copying the original idea of the current National President, Mirko Tomasetto.

The opening of Facebook's social theme page, as well as other pages and groups connected to it, gained the loyalty of over 80000 members in a few years. The launch of the institutional website and the related App for Android and iOS devices boasts 8000 visitors per month and thousands of app downloads, as well as a Telegram channel - one on Twitter and one on Instagram - and last, but not least, the creation of a digital bi-monthly magazine, made it clear that there was a need among fans to meet and exchange information and advice and join together in association. To date, the National Association Jack Russell Terrier Italy ® welcomes thousands of members.
It was also decided to set dates during the year to get to know each other physically and propose the creation of a community that was not just virtual. Its founding purpose was also mutual cooperation in the management and protection of the Jack Russell Terrier breed of animals in general as well as environmental protection.
The Association, with its rapid growth and organization, obtained numerous awards thanks to the federation with the FISC, the Partnership with Assocral and the affiliation with ENDAS: an environmental association recognized by the Ministry of the Environment.
Recently, the creation of the Jrtitalia Tivù Channel on YouTube, where video interviews and chronicles are broadcast live on the same main fan page during the rallies. Promotional videos are also shown, as is the video clip containing the soundtrack, which was recently recorded and created specifically by the Association in collaboration with some well-known music professionals.

Starting on the first of August 2016, the new web Radio station, RPZ Radio Punto Zero, was born to offer an additional resource of information with constant musical programming in an Animal Friendly format. It is also self-produced with live links during the rallies.
Starting in January 2017, the Association continued its expansion with numerous collaborations with major associations of reference in the national environment scene and with the creation of the first UDA (Office for Animal Rights) in the town of Costermano (Verona) and the National Sports Team.
The whole ecosystem created so far is part of an innovative project aimed at establishing fundamental principles for all those who follow JrtItalia at a national level, starting with the basic rules that govern the life of our country, including the natural protection of the landscape, the environment and ecosystems and the new course of the relationship with animals that must be based on the assignment of basic rights and their ethological knowledge.


The association welcomes all members who own Russell Terrier jacks, people who simply love the breed but cannot own one, and lovers of nature and animals who put themselves into play by creating local peripheral locations dedicated to the creation of cynophilic centers, groups of eco zoophilic guards, environmental inspectors, sports teams or active directly in municipal administrations by creating animal rights offices and / or carrying out environmental activism and animal rights activism. The site is the framework for all the tools and information channels that the association itself has been active in developing during the first, but intense, year full of satisfaction.
The National Association Jack Russell Terrier Italy ® Endas is listed as an Environmental Protection Association, Animal Protection (and the breed of the Jack Russell Terrier), Association of Social Promotion (A.P.S.) and Amateur Sports Association (A.S.D).

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